Friday, September 3, 2010


This card is the start of a series of holiday themed cards that I have been making. The first of course is for Halloween. I love Halloween, but not for the scary stuff. I don't like to be scared. My mom's birthday is on Halloween and that makes it special for me. I love passing out candy to the kiddos and I especially like taking the grandbabies out trick or treating. I hope you like this card, because some of you may get this one in the mail from me. HeHeHe...
I saw that I now have 102 followers and that is just so awesome. I never dreamed that I would have that many following me. Of course that also means 102 more blogs for me to check out the great ideas posted there. Have a good holiday weekend all and be safe!



  1. Cute card!!! I'm following from SC!!!

  2. love it!
    i'm following you from SC! my blog is
    thanks! :)