Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is called "the husband survival kit". The idea of this is so that the husband does not forget those "important" dates. This particular kit contains cards for the anniversary, birthday, valentine's day, card to say "I'm sorry" and even one where he can express "I'm thinking about you" and even mother's day. These kits can be versatile to fit the man and events in your life.  The kit contains a card with the events listed and a space for you to add the dates so he doesn't have to remember them. It took my husband 22 years of marriage to remember my birthday and our anniversary without our daughters secretly reminding him. This kit would have saved some tears over the years....LOL. Oh and I did not create this idea on my own, it was copied from someone else.... The cards however are original creations.

Happy Stampin, Ya'll!! :~)

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